• “Today more than ever their future depends on our support. Let’s help Eastern Christians in the Middle East to remain in their homelands.”

    Msgr Pascal Gollnisch, General Director of L’Œuvre d’Orient


    For more than 160 years, l’Œuvre d’Orient has been helping Eastern Christians from 23 countries in the Middle East, the Horn of Africa, Eastern Europe, and India.

    In times of peace as in times of war, it supports the work of bishops, priests, and religious congregations that help everyone, regardless of their religious faith

  • Ukraine
  • Healthcare and social assistance
The EMAYC association welcomes people with disabilities and their families and works for their integration into society. By supporting them, we are helping to build a more inclusive society in Ukraine.
  • Iraq
  • Healthcare and social assistance
Let the families returning to Mosul rebuild their lives and send their children to school.
  • Syria
  • Education
The Feshet Sama center ("Heavenly Space" in Arabic) has set up an educational follow-up adapted to children and adults who can not afford to continue their schooling, regardless of their religious or social affiliation.

CountriesChristians% Christian populationcommunities assistedSee
Turkey80 0000.1%5 
Iran100 000Less than 0.3%7 
Eritrea2 000 00050%6 
Armenia3 200 00090%3 
Ukraine40 000 00090%19 
Israel150 0002%19 
Jordan300 0004%6 
Ethiopia60 000 00062%28 
Lebanon2 000 000almost 40%94 
Palestine60 0001.2%8 
Syria1 500 0006%47 
Iraq400 000Less than 2%24 
India39 000 0002.9%49 
Egypt10 000 00010%47 

Situation of Eastern Christians