• A few numbers
  • 1 500 000 Chrétiens
  • 6 % de chrétiens
  • 47 Communautés aidées
  • 3.5 M € Montant de l'aide versée par l’Œuvre d’Orient
  • Population: Nearly 18 million inhabitants


  • Millions of houses have been destroyed since the beginning of the war


  • 13.1 million people, half of whom are children, are in urgent need of assistance, according to OCHA (July 2018)


  • 5.6 million displaced Syrians are recorded in the region, almost half of whom are children


Eastern Christians and Syria


  • The predominant religion in Syria is Sunni Islam. Christians represent around 8 % of the population. The most represented Catholic communities are Melkite Greek Catholics and Syriac Catholics. But there are also Maronites, Chaldeans, and Armenians.


  • There is a large Greek Orthodox community. The Armenian Apostolic Church and the Syriac Orthodox Church are also present. There are other sparsely represented religious communities such as the Druze and Yazidis.



Syria, land of Christianity


  • Syria was one of the first countries to be helped by l’Œuvre d’Orient over 160 years ago.


  • The close ties that we have created with the bishops, priests and Christian and religious communities throughout this region give us a unique vision of the civilian population’s situation.


L’Œuvre d’Orient’s projects in Syria


  • Much of Syria was destroyed during the war.


  • L’Œuvre d’Orient helps to rebuild buildings through various projects such as, for example, the reconstruction of the Maronite cathedral of Aleppo, the renovation of houses to help the displaced population to return to old city of Homs, the reconstruction of the Der-ez-Zor Armenian quarter, as well as rebuilding damaged schools and hospitals.


  • L’Œuvre d’Orient also initiates projects that allow Syrians to find work


  • In parallel with the material reconstruction, l’Œuvre d’Orient is also mending broken hearts and spirits through various initiatives such as the “Heavenly Space”, Jdisc, and Study Zone, amongst others.

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