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Ukraine: Fostering the Integration of the Disabled

In Ukraine, where 90% of the population is Christian, the Eastern Catholic Church suffered greatly during the soviet period. Since then, there has been a true revival, particularly in terms of social action. In Lviv, the EMAYC association receives disabled people, who are not accepted in society and may even be totally rejected.   Disabilities, and in particular mental disabilities, are still stigmatised in this country that was marked by the dark years of communism.    

One of the few associations to support people with learning disabilities in the Ukraine

The EMAYC association was founded in 2001 within the Ukrainian Catholic University. Rooted in the philosophies of the Ark and Faith and Light movement, it works to integrate disabled people, raising awareness in Ukrainian society and providing a listening ear to the families of the disabled.   EMAYC organises 15 seminars and 4 weekends a year to support the families of people with disabilities. It facilitates the integration of the disabled in the workplace and runs social and cultural activities: inclusive theatre, sports lessons, nature trails, youth club, etc.  

A place where students and disabled people socialise every day

EMAYC also manages a hostel for around ten disabled  people in the Greek Catholic university of Lviv. These people live with assistants and are in daily contact with the students. This is an unprecedented initiative aimed at fostering reconciliation in a country that is still marked by the rifts of the past.  

An association that is building a more open and inclusive society

EMAYC works in schools providing professional training to raise awareness of charity and mental disability in Ukrainian society. These activities take place in several towns in Ukraine. The association also issues publications on disability throughout the entire country. Thanks to your donations, these projects can continue. As an indication, it costs around €200 a month to accommodate a disabled person in the EMAYC hostel. Raising awareness and providing family support are the activities that are the most difficult to finance. These actions help to bring about an in-depth change of society's perception of disability. The results of this project cannot be immediately appreciated, because they continue to bear fruit long after it ends.   Thanks to your donations, these projects are continuing. As an indication, the living expenses of a disabled person hosted at the EMAYC household amount to about € 200 per month. Awareness and family support activities are also very expensive.  
For payments by cheque or money transfer, please indicate project code: T23328

The EMAYC Center. No one on Earth is here by accident.