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Our Missions


For more than 160 years, l’Œuvre d’Orient has been helping Eastern Christians from 23 countries in the Middle East, the Horn of Africa, Eastern Europe, and India.

In times of peace as in times of war, it supports the work of bishops, priests, and religious congregations that help everyone, regardless of their religious faith.



We work in four areas :



More than 400 institutions now enjoy support from l’Œuvre d’Orient to enable underprivileged children to attend school, to rebuild buildings, to purchase teaching equipment, and to pay educators and teachers. It also supports French-language teaching, which promotes unity in these diverse countries.

Healthcare and social aid

L’Œuvre d’Orient finances care for 3 million sick people in clinics, hospitals, and homes for elderly or disabled people.

Community action

By providing support to train priests, monks, and nuns, l’Œuvre d’Orient enables them and their congregations to pursue their everyday work providing assistance to the local community.

Culture and heritage

L’Œuvre d’Orient strives to preserve the heritage of Eastern Christians by protecting it locally and raising awareness of it in France. It is testament to the roots and legitimacy of Christian presence in Eastern societies.


400 religious communities supported

23 countries

70 volunteers in the field

1,250 projects per year

70,000 donors