• A few numbers
  • 39 000 000 Chrétiens
  • 2.9 % de chrétiens
  • 49 Communautés aidées
  • 2 M€ Montant de l'aide versée par l’Œuvre d’Orient
  • Population: 1,295,237,138 inhabitants (394.02 inhabitants per km²)


  • Official languages: Hindi and English, plus 22 regional languages (including French)


  • Government type: Federal parliamentary republic (Ram Nath Kovind)




  • Hinduism is the main religion in India, practised by 79.8% of the population, followed by Islam (14.2%), and Christianity (2.3 %). Other minorities are also present in the country, such as Sikhs (1.7 %), and Buddhists (0.4 %).


  • The Christian community present in India is one of the most ancient in the world (evangelised by Saint Thomas). They live essentially in the State of Kerala, in the south of the country.


  • In the north of the country, Christians are persecuted and attacks are on the rise. They are considered to be foreigners by radical Hindus. Hindu converted to Catholicism are put under heavy pressure to revert to their original religion. They are often attacked physically and sometimes killed.

L’Œuvre d’Orient’s projects in India


  • In India, l’Œuvre d’Orient supports 131 projects in 49 communities, mostly in Kerala.

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