• A few numbers
  • 80 000 Chrétiens
  • 0.1 % de chrétiens
  • 5 Communautés aidées
  • 157,265€ Montant de l'aide versée par l’Œuvre d’Orient

Population: 80,845,215 inhabitants

-Approximately 0.1% of Christians

-80,000 people

-Including 10,000 Catholic Armenians, Syrians, and Chaldeans

Official language: Turkish



The Pope in Turkey

– Pope Benedict XVI visited Turkey from 28 November to 1 December 2006.

– Pope Francis also visited Turkey from 28 to 30 November 2014.



L’Œuvre d’Orient’s projects in Turkey

L’Œuvre d’Orient helps refugees in Turkey, mainly Chaldeans from Mosul, through Monsignor François Yakan, Chaldean Patriarchal Administrator of Diarbekir.

It supports the geriatric centre and the Peace Hospital in Istanbul run by the Daughters of Charity and many social projects and schools mainly in Istanbul and Izmir.

Meeting Catholics from Turkey - KTO