CountriesChristians% Christian populationcommunities assistedSee
Turkey80 0000.1%5 
Iran100 000Less than 0.3%7 
Eritrea2 000 00050%6 
Armenia3 200 00090%3 
Ukraine40 000 00090%19 
Israel150 0002%19 
Jordan300 0004%6 
Ethiopia60 000 00062%28 
Lebanon2 000 000almost 40%94 
Palestine60 0001.2%8 
Syria1 500 0006%47 
Iraq400 000Less than 2%24 
India39 000 0002.9%49 
Egypt10 000 00010%47 
  • Ukraine
  • Healthcare and social assistance
The EMAYC association welcomes people with disabilities and their families and works for their integration into society. By supporting them, we are helping to build a more inclusive society in Ukraine.
  • Iraq
  • Healthcare and social assistance
Let the families returning to Mosul rebuild their lives and send their children to school.
  • Syria
  • Education
The Feshet Sama center ("Heavenly Space" in Arabic) has set up an educational follow-up adapted to children and adults who can not afford to continue their schooling, regardless of their religious or social affiliation.

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