• A few numbers
  • 300 000 Chrétiens
  • 4 % de chrétiens
  • 6 Communautés aidées
  • 87,600€ Montant de l'aide versée par l’Œuvre d’Orient
  • Population: 9,702,000 inhabitants (106.5 inhabitants per km²)


  • Official language: Arabic


  • Government type: Constitutional monarchy (King Abdallah II)


Eastern Christians and Jordan

  • Jordan is part of the Holy Land (Bethabara).


  • Sunni Islam is the predominant religion in Jordan with a practicing population of 92 %. Islam is the State religion. Christians represent around 4% of the population, most of whom are Palestinians. The main Catholic community is the Melkite Greek. There are other sparsely represented religions such as the Druze and Shiites.


  • The Melkite Greek Catholic Archbishop of Petra and Philadelphia (Amman, Jordan) Patriarchy is Joseph Gébara.


  • The Kingdom of Jordan guarantees the protection of its Christians, who are mainly Orthodox Catholics.


  • Jordan has seen the arrival of many refugees from neighbouring countries, including many Christians, who have boosted the country’s Christian community (Palestinians, Iraqis, and Syrians).



L’Œuvre d’Orient’s projects in Jordan

  • L’Œuvre d’Orient supports the many Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Jordan by helping the dispensary  in the Achrafieh quarter in Amman and by providing school buses to Father Jaal, who has set up a night school at Marka. This school is free of charge for all Iraqi children who have no other possibility of attending school elsewhere.
  • It also supports the communities via projects in rural areas (help for the Latin communities in Kerak for example).

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