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Syria: An Educational and Social Centre for the Poor

Aleppo: giving hope to the people after 7 years of war

    In 7 years of war, nearly 300,000 people have died, millions have been displaced and a third of the population have been forced into exile 

Many universities have had to close. At the same time, the exile of qualified professionals and academics has considerably lowered the general standard of education. Young women are the first the be marginalised from the educational system

  To cope with this situation, the Feshet Sama centre ("Heavenly Space" in Arabic) has set up an educational monitoring system for children and adults, regardless of their religious or social backgrounds, who do not have the means to continue their schooling. The centre is continually developing and now has 400 students — 50 more than last year. 80% of the beneficiaries are girls or young women, most of whom come from areas that have been occupied by Daesh, Jabat al-Nosra, and various rebel groups. The association seeks to empower them and provide the means for their social inclusion. Moreover, the centre offers collective programmes that help all communities to really live side by side in harmony: a peace education programme, psychological and social support for mothers and children, manual work, academic programmes, etc.  

Help the "Heavenly Space" centre to pursue its mission


Many families, ruined by the war, cannot afford to pay for a year's study at the "Heavenly Space" centre: training for 50 additional students represents an investment of €45,400 for the centre. The Feshet Sama initiative could subsequently be replicated in other Syrian cities.

For payments by cheque or money transfer, please indicate project code: T80585