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Corporate sponsorship

Children in the particularly hard-hit neighbourhood of Sakhour, East Aleppo. Aleppo, Syria, 17th December 2018.


Are you a Christian business leader who wants to help Eastern Christians?

Your company can help our mission through corporate sponsorship. If you care about the cause of Eastern Christians, sponsorship provides an opportunity to share it with your employees.

By virtue of the French law 2003-709 of 1st August 2003, 60% of your donations can be deducted from your Corporate Tax bill up to a threshold of 0.5% of your turnover before tax.


Your company can help our mission through different types of sponsorship:

  • Financial support for a project in the following spheres: education, health, social action or heritage preservation.


  • Skill-based sponsorship, if your company can lend the skills of one of your employees to L’Œuvre d’Orient for a half or whole day.


They need your help

  • IRAQ, Education: A future for girls in Qaraqosh – Construction of a high school – €1.9 million

“We are attempting to provide the children of Qaraqosh with the best possible education in order to train the elite of the future”. 

Fadih, aged 28, Mathematics Teacher

Driven out of the plains of Nineveh in 2014, Christians have gradually settled in Qaraqosh since 2017 but many children still have no schooling. In 2018, the Dominican sisters re-opened the Al Tahira primary school, which now welcomes 500 children. However, once they leave primary school, girls have few opportunities for pursuing a sound education. Help us to build a high school so that they can continue their schooling.


  • SYRIA, Syrian heritage: Help craftsmen to pass on their skills: €255,877

A country ravaged by war, Syria’s heritage goes back thousands of years, a culture made of stone and by man. By supporting the project championed by the Al Sakhra (“the rock”) association, your company can help to save a remarkable Damascene-style building and to create a traditional Syrian craft workshop and training centre. You would be helping to create jobs for young people and women in a country that is beginning to rebuild itself.


  • LEBANON, street mission: Construction of a day hostel for the homeless and underprivileged: 

“It is a project that is needed and which typifies the difficulties facing Lebanon; it is worthy of support because it helps migrants, refugees and underprivileged Lebanese”. “The project is championed by a young and bright community which is doing wonderful work for the poor and vulnerable”.

Vincent Gelot, Country Director, Lebanon, L’Œuvre d’Orient

Many inhabitants of Beirut live in poverty – whether they be Syrian refugees or underprivileged Lebanese. The Mission de Vie community plans to build a reception centre for the homeless and underprivileged, enabling them to spend the night in safety and help them with basic essentials (food, clothing, etc.).

If funding can be raised, work will start in September 2019.


Antiokeia sharing fund

Set up in 2016 on the initiative of l’Œuvre d’Orient in partnership with Meeschaert AM, the Antiokeia fund is an ethical investment for all those who want to support the association’s actions. Antiokiea enables you to support various projects sponsored by Eastern Catholic religious communities and leaders without losing your savings.


There are two ways you can help L’Œuvre d’Orient:

  • Indirect support (C and D shares)

Meeschaert AM pays a share (40 % of administration costs up to 30 million net of assets and 50 % above) of its income to L’Œuvre d’Orient. This contribution is transparent for all. You keep all the income from your investment.


  • Direct support (D share)

Apart from paying for part of Meeschaert AM’s administration fees, you allocate 70 % of the income from your investment to L’Œuvre d’Orient and benefit from tax breaks. This payment takes the form of a donation for which you will receive a fiscal receipt.



For full information concerning the Antiokeia shared return fund , go to ( L’Œuvre d’Orient undertakes to inform you of the progress of the projects supported by your foundation through regular reports.



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