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The Melkite Greek Catholic Church


Following the failure of the union attempt, at the Council of Florence, in 1439, two trends emerge: either in favour of Constantinople, or in favour of Rome.

In 1724, following the death of the patriarch Athanasius III Dabbas, a twin line of patriarchs establishes itself; one Orthodox, the other Catholic.
In 1729, Rome recognises Cyril VI Tanas as a patriarch of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church.
In 1848, the patriarch Maximos III Mazloum (1833-1855) obtains full recognition of his church from the Sublime Porte.
The head of this Catholic Church has the title of Patriarch of Antioch and the East, Alexandria, and Jerusalem. He resides in Damascus and has approximately 2 million faithful including the diaspora.

The Greek Orthodox patriarch of Antioch is also called the Ecumenical Patriarch. He has approximately 14 million faithful.

There are three other Greek Orthodox patriarchs in the East: Alexandria, Constantinople, and Jerusalem.