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Accueil / Support for refugees in France

Support for refugees in France

Following the events in Syria and in Iraq, the French State is encouraging the reception of refugees from these two countries.

“No-one abandons their home, their land, their roots light-heartedly. We must support the families in these painful times”.  Monsignor Pascal Gollnisch

A centre to support refugees in France

  • To be able to meet the needs of those knocking at their door, in the Autumn of 2014 l’Œuvre d’Orient created a reception and support service.
  • The refugee support centre’s mission is to direct and support asylum-seekers and refugees from the Middle East – mainly Syrians and Iraqis – to help them integrate in France.


The centre’s mission

  • Within the limits of its resources, the centre’s activities can be divided into four main categories:
  • > reception, advice
  • > intensive French language and culture courses
  • > support and training for people seeking to assist refugees
  • > psychological support
  • The French language and culture programme takes 60 students, and comprises four levels. It relies on the help of 50 volunteers. Students who achieve level B1 may sit the DELF examination.
L’Œuvre d’Orient is also a member of CCARCO, the “Comité Catholique d’Accueil des Réfugiés Chrétiens d’Orient (Catholic Committee for the Reception of Eastern Christians).



Support the centre’s actions

End-of-year celebration for students and volunteers at the Refugee support centre.

We are regularly seeking volunteers for one-off missions (French lessons, help with formalities, translation).

For further information, to volunteer or to support the centre’s actions, please contact l’Œuvre d’Orient: